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Founded in 2006. In 2019, Saniswiss assumes its role of disrupter in the field and commits to bringing the safest hygiene solutions to the world of healthcare for a sustainable future for all.


Formulated with bioethanol from organic origin. Efficient on most germs for hygienical as well as surgical disinfection. Good persistent activity after disinfection. Meet WHO recommendations on Hand Hygiene (POPS).


Developed with healthcare workers for healthcare workers, the Sanipod encompasses WHO’s multimodal approach to Hand Hygiene. Providing instant training with immediate feedback, the Sanipod also alerts distinctively facility managers when it is empty, to improve hand sanitizer


The smart Automate aHP offers in addition an answer to new compliance challenges in healthcare settings. The smarter version of our Automate aHP brings our stakeholders new key insights and knowledge on a daily basis.


Based on our boosted H2O2 technology, it offers a leading spectrum of efficacy as an all-in-one surface cleaner-sanitizer. Its versatility and high material compatibility makes it an optimal solution for infection control and patient safety.


Enzymatic technology for biocidal use as disinfectant washing of white and color textiles of pure cotton, mixed fabrics and synthetics such as hospital laundry and textiles from other hygiene-sensitive areas and occupational clothing from kitchens incl. wet mops.