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Bastos Viegas
The company produces the most varied types of surgical sets, from the small ambulatory surgery to surgical draping sets, of catheterization, anesthesia, as well as big surgical sets for specific operations.

Disinfection sets

The company is certified by the norm EN ISO 13485:2016. All products considered Medical Devices are registered and certified for the use of the CE mark.

Nonwoven adhesive tape

• The 4por is an adhesive with microporous nonwoven support. It has high permeability to the air. The adhesive mass is hipoalergenic, allowing highest cutaneous tolerance. • Colour: -Adhesive tape: white. -Dispenser: green. • Individual shelf box + transport carton.

Gauze squares

Absorbent gauze in squares • Cotton. • 17 threads/ according to EN 14079. • 1 ply. • Paper pack + transport carton.

Ribbon gauze

• Cotton. • For packing and absorption wound cavities or during surgical procedure. • Approx. weight: 33g/sq.m. • 22 threads/ according to EN 14079. • X-Ray detectable thread. • Double peel-open pack + shelf box + transport carton.

Surgical proc. pack-Universal

Surgical Procedure Pack - Universal - Podiatry • Individual tyvek bag + inner box + transport carton.

Crepe papers

• Creped medical grade paper with 60g/sq.m. • In white, blue or green colours. Available in different sizes. • According to EN ISO 11607-1 and EN 868-2. For sterilization by steam, ETO and irradiation. • Transport carton.

Cotton balls

• Absorbent cotton, according to European Pharmacopea. • White. • Approx. weight: 0,6g each. • Plastic bag + transport carton.

Surgical bowls

• Polypropylene. • Graduated. • Sterilizable by gas (Ethylene Oxide). • Packing: -Non sterile: With or without plastic bag + transport carton. -Sterile: Individual peel-open-pack + transport carton.

First-aid dressing

• Designed for protection, absorption and compression of wounds. • Composed by a high absorbent and low adherent pad placed in a bandage. • Two presentations: -4251-501/502: Absorbent dressing in gauze bandage with selvedges, 20 threads/gr. -4251-503: Absorbent dressing in elastic bandage cotton, polyamide and polyurethane. • Individual peel-open pack + shelf box + transport carton.

Compression bandages

• Cotton, polyester and polyurethane. • The compression power of this bandage can be easily adjusted due to their stretch properties. Good for reabsortion improvement of haematoma, prophylaxis of thrombosis, after-care of varicose veins damage and for therapy of vein insufficiency. Durable, washable and easy to fit. • Construction when stretched: 42 threads/ • Stretched Length: 7m. • With or without individual wrapping in cellophane + shelf box + transport carton.