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Susie® Simon® Patient Care Simulator with Ostomy, Medium

Introduced more than 40 years ago, our Susie Simon® Patient Care Simulator with Ostomy S201 is synonymous with quality and value. The 1996 makeover gave this Patient Care Simulator more lifelike arms, legs, hands and feet as well as a two part torso permitting a bend at the waist

Simulation of eye diseases

These are special simulation glasses for the age simulation suit GERT, simulating typical age-related eye diseases. The set of glasses consists of 6 simulation glasses and will be delivered in a storage box. The glasses are inscribed with the eye diseases. The temples of the simulation glasses are individually adjustable.

Shoulder Injection Model

The Shoulder Injection Model is an ideal simulator for practicing soft tissue joint injection for treatment of injuries and arthritis. This shoulder has a conductive system that gives audio feedback when an internal structure is touched with a needle. Basic structures include subacromial bursa, AC (acromioclavicular) joint, glenohumeral joint space, and bicipital groove.

Chester Chest™ Vascular Access Simulator With Port Access Arm, Light

Chester Chest™ has been an industry standard since 1986 for the teaching of central line care. The right chest area of Chester Chest™ has a 9.6Fr tunneled central catheter that is visible up to the clavicle. The Dacron cuff on this catheter is also discernable.

Venatech IV Trainer, Light

This patented light tone IV trainer is so economical each student can have their own for venipuncture practice

Baby Care Model, Male

This cute male baby boy doll is ideal for training the main principals of baby care at school and in preparation courses for young parents. This male basic doll allows dressing, undressing, washing and changing diapers. Due to the realistic size of a newborn infant you can use ordinary baby clothes. The male doll has movable joints, male genitalia and its eyes are slightly opened.

Pitting Edema Trainer, Light

Classroom discussions will come alive when practicing skills on this interesting and unique trainer.

5-Year Pediatric Airway Trainer Simulator, Medium

The 5-Year-Old Patient Airway Trainer is a full-body pediatric manikin designed with a realistic chest cavity and airway that allows participants to practice correct intubation of pediatric patients. Participants can use real tools to hone technique and reduce the potential for airway injury.

Female Pelvic Skeleton Model

This life-size pelvic skeleton is great for detailed study of the skeletal anatomy of the female pelvis. Consisting of hip bone, sacrum with coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae as well as movable symphysis this pelvic skeleton is top quality. It is a great tool for studying human pelvic anatomy.

Knee Wraps - For Restriction of Knee Mobility

Knee wraps to restrict the mobility of the knees are already included in the scope of delivery of the age simulation suit GERT. These wraps simulate the restriction accompanying healthy ageing.