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KMNPack is the largest manufacturer and distributor of medical packaging supplies in China, providing high quality and price competitive products, established in 2002.

Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

self seal sterilization pouches product material: - Imported medical grade self-adhesive dialysis paper (Arjo Wiggins, France / Billerud, Sweden) - Blue (or transparent / green) CPP / PET medical composite film - Double-sided tape bonding strip

KMNPack Biological Indicator

Rapid Reader adopts spectrum analysis technology to monitor the fluorescence changes of the Bacillus Stearothermophilus with special enzyme to rapidly judge whether there is surviving spores.

Surgical Gown

Soft and comfortable disposable surgical gowns; available in standard and high performance surgical gowns; sterilization by Ethylene Oxide, for single use only; made of non woven material for fluid resistance; each gown is packed in one sealed pouch.

Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape

Also known as sterilization indicators,autoclave indicator tape Discoloration indication: from beige to grayish black Executive standard: Q/12KF 4982-2009; CE certification; conforms to the standard ISO11140

Wrapping Material Non Woven Fabric

Also known as non woven fabric,spunbond,non woven polypropylene fabric product manual: SMS, SMMS and SMMMS are all composite nonwovens, which are a composite of spunbond and meltblown. 100% safe polypro

PVC Blister Film

Used pharma grade raw material High impact strength and high rigidity Aging resistance, excellent formability, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no smell

Printed Original Paper

KMNPack printed original paper'material are: French Arjo paper; Paper made in China; coating paper; self- adhesive paper. Sterilization: EO, Gamma-ray, Steam

Coated Printing Paper

EVA mesh hot-melt PVC, PETG, PS, soft bubble wrap PP/PE, PA/PE, laminating film PET/PE and PE laminating paper, suitable for automatic packaging machines. Polyurethane water-based adhesive and PET/PE composite film, PE laminated paper, PE easy to tear fi

Face Shield Medical

Face Shield Medical should be clean and transparent and free from scratch cracks. The connection between mask and hat stand should be firm

Medical Goggles

Medical goggles prevent blood, potions and other skin-damaging fluids from causing unpredictable damage to the eyes.