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Chinese leading manufacturer of Medical disposable products, especially sterilization package for hospital CSSD , Dental sterilization. Production and sales of medical sterilization products, sterilization packaging, sterilization control, Hospital CSSD sterilization solutions and sterilizaiton packing solutions for medical devices manufacturers (medical industrial packaging).

Virus Face Mask for Corona Virus COVID-19

2019 outbeak of Corona Virus, as excellent manufactory in Anqing City, the government persuade us to establish 20 production lines for medical and pretective nonwoven products. We donate all protective material to the Wuhan and esatablish 20 production lines in 2 weeks. With 20 advanced machines and technologies, we can capacity of over 3000 million of Medical face mask and sugical mask output.

Face Mask Isolation with Ear Loop

Style: Elastic Ear-lop Size: 17.5*9.5cm Ply: 3 plies Raw Material : Cellulose, Polypropylene (PP), Spunbond Polypropylene Normal Weight: 20+20+25GSM Normal Color : White/Green/Blue Packaging: 50pcs/box,40boxes/cases 40HQ container: 3000,000pcs 1500Cartons/40HQ 60000BOXES/40FT

Dental Sealer / Bar Sealers

Dental/Medical Use Voltage 110-220V Color Blur/Gray 7.5Meter/Minute - Material ABS,SU304

CSSD Workstation

CSSD Work Station : Dimension: 1150*680*1683mm Countertops: 680*1075 Stainless Steel Baskets: 580*280*255mm Optional Accessories: Baskets, Roller Table,Sealing Machine,Computer,Magnifier Special Brackets for Laptop

Plasma Sterilization Indicator Tape

Consistent BLUE to PINK color change for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Trusted adhesive Adhesive is medical grade Lead free and Latex free for ink and whole tape

Nonwoven SMS/SMMS/SMMS Sterilization Wraps

YIPAK Offer Professional CSR Wraps with Nonwoven SMS,SMMS,SMMMS specially processsed on the surface with best barrier propertiesand resisitance . YIPAK is the only factory which manufactures professional Medical Nonwoven SMS, SMMS, SMMMS,for medical sterilization

Tyvek Sterilization Pouches & Roll

Tyvek HealthCare Sterilization Packaging 2FS 1059B 1073B Available It represents New Made-in-China Quality New China Manufacturing Tech and Skills

Autoclave Tape

Sterilization Autoclave Tape for Steam Sterilization Process

Sterilization Heat-Sealable Pouch | Sterilization Pouches

Compliant to ISO11140-1,ISO11607 and EN 868-3&4 ï¼›Manufactured under ISO 13485 Quality Control Standard Toxic-free, Lead-free indicators for Steam, Ethylene Oxide and Formaldehyde Sterilization Process Top Standard Mircobial Barrier Medical Paper 60GSM , 70GSM New Technology of Laminated Film RCP/PET 180 days Shelf Life After Sterilization

Sterilization Roll | Sterilization Reel

Sterilization Roll Reel Pouches Sterilization for Hospital CSSD China Top Grade Medical Paper New Tech Laminated Film Stands for New Manufacturing of China